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About the MPM Lab

The MPM lab is developing microsystems for the detection and characterisation of personalised medicine.


We are currently focusing on:

1. Clinically relevant biosensors for drug screening and therapy
(Biofilm Potentiates Cancer-Promoting Effects of Tumor-Associated Macrophages in a 3D Multi-Faceted Tumor Model (Small 19/2023)

2. Biosensors for early disease detection using liquid biopsy
(Label-free biosensor for diagnosing bacterial infections. Biosens Bioelectron 191, 113412.)
(Multivariate analysis of liquid biopsies for real-time detection of patients with biofilm-associated infections (BAI). Chemical Engineering Journal, 139595)

3. How the microenvironment affects disease progression
(The effects of biofilms on tumor progression in a 3D cancer-biofilm microfluidic model. Biosens Bioelectron 180, 113113.)

4. Integrated systems
(A portable purification system for the rapid removal of microplastics from environmental samples. Chemical Engineering Journal 428, 132614.)

Integrated Microsystems

The MPM Lab emphasize on interdisciplinary research, to design and develop microsystems for biological issues. In many cases, existing methods to monitor disease may not always be sensitive enough for early-stage detection. We use techniques from biology and engineering to aid clinicians with new technology for direct clinical relevance.

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Biosensors for treatment, monitoring

We develop microsystems which can act as relevant in vitro models for predicting treatment response and to monitor patient prognosis. Rapid screening allow doctors to quickly intervene and improve therapeutic strategies, or to guide the choice of therapy in patients.


Disease Microenvironment and Progression

Investigating the interplay of key players within the microenvironment has a strong potential impact to guide strategies in clinical trials, by revealing drug susceptibility or tolerance and allowing immediate intervention.


Point-of-care systems

Miniaturizing and lowering costs of medical instruments, Real-time health monitoring, Automated reliable therapeutic administrations

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